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The kitchen in a luxury home is more than just a room with your cooking appliances. A well-designed and customized kitchen can be a centerpiece of your home where generations of family can converse, cook, dine and gather in delight for holidays, birthdays and more.

W.S. Homes LLC has the experience and dedication needed to perfect your ideal custom luxury kitchen. Amenities such as built-in appliances, custom cabinetry and Italian marble countertops are just some of the dream features WS Homes can supply for your kitchen.

While rooms like the living room, finished basements or sunrooms may be take center stage in luxury houses, you can make your kitchen the focal point of your home with a quality, refined, luxury home builder such as W.S. Homes.

Luxury kitchen islands are becoming a popular choice for luxury kitchens. As you can prepare your meals on the island, owners will still having plenty of space to move about the whole kitchen. Perhaps you’d prefer a bar-style countertop with a sink and high seats to entertain guests or to serve cocktails.

W.S. Homes LLC can provide your kitchen with discreet, built-in appliances as well. From the classic dishwashers, ovens and refrigerators to the modern built-in trash compactors and even coffee makers, WS Homes will help you save space in your kitchen with luxury, custom built-in appliances. Perhaps you’ve always wanted that built-in refrigerator with hidden freezer drawers, or maybe you have your heart set on a convenient built-in coffee maker — either way, WS Homes can build your kitchen to your specifications.

Don’t overlook cabinetry when customizing your luxury kitchen. The right cabinets can tie together the kitchen to create a luxurious and inviting feeling. Aspects such as the wood type, door overlays and even handle choice — W.S. Homes can pinpoint to your luxury customization.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you’ll want to have a great countertop. W.S. Homes can provide you with customized luxury countertops. Granite is a functional and classic choice, and we can add a built-in sink, range-top stove and more to your kitchen counter.

W.S. Homes LLC, St. Louis’ luxury home builder, has remained St. Louis’ best-kept secret. Bill Summers, owner, started building luxury homes in the St. Louis area more than 30 years ago. There are many home builders in St. Louis that say they build custom homes, but a true luxury custom home should have a completely blank layout from the start with no detail left out in the customization process. Call Bill Summers today at 636-388-2481 or request more information.

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